There’s A Dust Bunny Over This Header, Isn’t There?

Anybody still here? 

(I’ve really let this blog sit dormant for over a year?)

So if you’re an e-mail subscriber and you get this, surprise, I’m back.

Let’s see, June of 2013…what happened? Ah, yes, now I remember: workplace politics and injured egos may or may not have threatened my job status and made my life unpredictable for a year, and I may or may not have had unexpected allies, and maybe  and I DIDN’T start playing the Mass Effect video game trilogy, and then I had to uproot because, reasons, and where was I going with this? I’m not sure. Let’s start over again.

Short version: El Capitan Chia Pet and have returned to our roots, he’s got himself an adorable little civy job when he’s not playing Reservist, and I’m working on getting back into the medical field via…NURSING SCHOOL! (And another avenue, but once again, I apparently didn’t burn as many bridges as I thought I did, much to my pleasant surprise.)

Once a week, I promise. With Pudgy Pup pictures at the very least as I attempt to bop into other blogs and get in touch with my writing side again. 

(I blame Snigs for my return to this blog. That is all.)

~ by minimedic on June 18, 2014.

2 Responses to “There’s A Dust Bunny Over This Header, Isn’t There?”

  1. Thanks for piping up finally. I was worried about you and the XLT. Glad to hear you are still getting by.
    But don’t make it another year and I’ll check back more than once a month. Deal?

  2. I’m still here. I haven’t visiting in a while. If you’ve read my blog you know that my blogging fell off, but I’m working at fixing that.

    Blog as the mood strikes you, it’s supposed to be fun and cathartic.

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