MiniPup’s IQ > Coworker IQ

Exhibit A: Puppy’s Morning Routine
1.) MiniPup and I wake up. MiniPup goes outside and has her morning chow while I finish waking up as my scrubs run through the steam refresh cycle on the dryer.
2.) MiniPup and I head upstairs. I make myself presentable for public appearance while the furball sits on my clean scrubs.
3.) Clad in scrubs, Pup and I head downstairs. MiniPup heads into her kennel for the duration of my workday. She usually does this with little to no prompting. (We have a blanket in there for her to burrow in.)
4.) MiniPup recieves her daily greenie.

Exhibit B: Co-Workers
1.) The Dragon Lady (my boss) will send me back to help out my former group as the need arises.
2.) At a certian time on specified days, I’m expected to cover lunches for them. On these days, I show up before that time.
3.) I show up on one of those days to cover lunches. It’s that time, but the co-worker that’s supposed to go to lunch first is nowhere to be found until ten minutes after my appearance.
4.) Late co-worker who’s been in department far longer than me: “Contact me directly when you get here.”

If my mixed-breed doxie realizes that me in scrubs means “go in kennel” without me uttering a word, how come humans can’t figure out “Mini in department at o’lunchtime-thirty” means “go to lunch,” especially when this is a well-established fact?

Am I asking too much here?

~ by minimedic on May 23, 2013.

4 Responses to “MiniPup’s IQ > Coworker IQ”

  1. LOVED the pic of MiniPup. Our house was invaded (and occupied) in January by a red “pudgie-paw “named Annie. Smart as hell (unlike your co-workers) and faster than greased lightening where food is concerned. See my blog for pic of Annie. Replace co-workers with doxies…..Raise IQ average…

  2. Yep, dogs ARE smarter than most co-workers… Just sayin…🙂 Cute pic too!

  3. Yes, she is ttoooo cute – and she knows it. But she knows how to work it too well – and so does Stewie. Minis are a hoot and so are puglets, particularly when they demand most of the bed – which does not always work for the hoomans involved…
    Trust that you and the ElTee-now Cap’n are doing well and happy. Take care darlin’.

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