Stop Poking Me With A Stick, I’m Not Dead.

Two months into 2013, I shall resolve to blog more and keep up on more blogs.

Quick update:  Accepted a new job similar to what I was doing before, but more stress tests and pokin’ peeps with needles. (Which I am horribly rusty at, unfortunately. Erk. Thank you, coworkers, for subjecting yourself to my attempts.) It’s also full-time with private practice clinic hours, so I get a steady schedule, benefits, and weekends off. This job isn’t what I pictured myself doing when I got my National Registry back, but once again, one can’t be picky in this economy…even if an EMS company DID call me about a part-time job I had applied for months ago. (Damn.)

Since accepting said position is causing staffing shortages in my old department, I’ll pulling overtime back there, which leaves me working six days a week. I will probably spend my next few Sundays catching up on housework and outside tasks, as the Army kidnapped the Chia Pet for the next week or two.

For those of you who still visit, I hope you are doing well. (Do not get me started on politics. A pox on you, politicians of Washington, D.C. Except for the very few still fighting for what the Constitution still stands for.)

Time to hit the pool…blog catch-up to occur soon. Hopefully. Maybe.

~ by minimedic on February 24, 2013.

4 Responses to “Stop Poking Me With A Stick, I’m Not Dead.”

  1. I knew you weren’t dead. I just think it’s fun to poke stuff with sticks. 😉

  2. Nice to see your prose again, darlin’. I figured things had shifted employment-wise. Sounds like you and the Eltee are coping as well as any of us can. NOW I’m pokin’ you for not posting…

    Consider yourself the recipient of a stern UN thrashing!

  3. Good to hear from you again.

  4. Glad things are moving in a positive direction for ya! Welcome back!!!

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