Not Due Until November 2013, Actually. ..

Dearest local Planned Parenthood, while I am grateful that I was able to obtain my birth control medication from your organization last year, I must inform you that my primary care doctor told me I get to drop to 3-year Pap smear. So no, I am NOT DUE FOR MY DAMN PAP, BASTARDS!

Also, $30 bucks for a monthly supply of pills fron your organization versus $5 Tricare co-pay through the Local Grocery Store Pharmacist? I ain’t so good at this math thing, but I’m fairly sure I’d rather pay under half my hourly pay rate than over twice it. (I also get to ask Mr. Pharmacist about any potential medication interactions.)

I may have my blonde moments, but every now and then I make intelligent decisions.

Oy. I really am just a uterus with a wallet, aren’t I?

~ by minimedic on December 31, 2012.

4 Responses to “Not Due Until November 2013, Actually. ..”

  1. Interesting… They really ARE that high??? And yeah, use Tricare, it works!!! and Happy New Year to you and yours Lady!!!

  2. Yes, to the Democrats you are merely a uterus with a check book. They’d prefer you to be a stupid uterus, but we know you aren’t.

  3. well…try being an older lady without a uterus or money, it’s an adventure…

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