Home Security and Safety Lessons For Home-Alone Ladies From MiniMedic: Part 1

(For those of you familiar with my policy of unfamiliar visitors, keep reading. If not, please proceed to here  and here to read previous blog posts on the subject.)

A former college classmate wrote this gem recently:

“I really hate it when people come to the door when I am home alone with baby, even if you are trying to make an honest living and even if I feel bad that you are freezing…”

Lady, why in the Sam Hill do you open the bloody door to begin with? If I see an unfamilar or unexpected face at the door and hubby is nowhere near, THE DOOR DOES NOT UNLOCK OR OPEN. I don’t care who it is or what it’s selling or begging for, I am not wasting my time on unsolicited callers. We’re armed to the gills, but I REALLY don’t want to have to resort to that measure, as ammunition is a tad bit expensive at the moment, and it’ll make a mess that I really don’t want to clean up.

Can you tell I’ve spent a boatload of time living alone and that I trust no one?

(Someone did impart the same advice to her that I have just imparted to y’alls. Glad to see most of my half of the species isn’t completely brain-addled.)

~ by minimedic on December 11, 2012.

One Response to “Home Security and Safety Lessons For Home-Alone Ladies From MiniMedic: Part 1”

  1. Yeah, the door stays CLOSED!!! Sigh… Even I don’t open a door…

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