The REAL Reasons Techs Won’t Divulge Your Test Results To You

No, it’s not because we have no idea what we’re looking at. Most of my coworkers (myself included) could tell you what’s going on, and even rattle off a few treatment options. The number of medical professionals who can’t read or do an 12-lead would astound you, as I’ve had nurses come to me ask “How does this look?” (I answer them honestly in terms of results, and I give them a realistic window in which to expect the cardiologist-confirmed results.)

No, the real reason we won’t tell the results is due the barrage of questions that follow if said test result is abnormal or unexpected. The course of action that follows after abnormal test results must be discussed and determined by you and your care provider, who *should* have a better understanding of your overall state of health, as certain treatment options may not be open to you.

I will leave you with a few hints, though: No news is good news, and most of those techs do know when to call the doc and say, “You need to take a look at this RIGHT THE HELL NOW.”

~ by minimedic on October 29, 2012.

One Response to “The REAL Reasons Techs Won’t Divulge Your Test Results To You”

  1. Darlin’, I’ve always kind of known that info (particularly the latter) but I’m very happy to have my suspicions confirmed. Hope you and the Eltee are well.

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